Radical Youth  starts at 5pm with video games, our snack shack, ping pong and more as students arrive. At 5:30 we start our group game. We try to create a game that everyone can enjoy and be apart of and potentially win prizes in. After our game we start our service with Worship and then move to the message that night. When our service is over we do a "Hangout". We will either go get ice cream, fast food or coffee and get to know everyone and simply hangout together. We do our best to be finished around 730pm where students can be picked up from the church.


At RAD we believe that we are radically loved by God, so that we can radically love others.

Every week we do our best to love teenagers and empower them with character, integrity and a desire to live a Christ-centered life.

We desire to reach and inspire our students with dynamic outreach, powerful events and relevant discipleship.We believe that students, more than any other age group, need to be devoted to a real God that can relate to them in a real world.

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