Lead Pastors

Our Lead Pastors, Timothy and Dawn Quintrell  have been in full time ministry for over 22 Years. Pastor Quintrell and his wife have been married for 23 years. They have two children.  Both are serving in ministry and attending christian colleges. They have great vision for Lighthouse Church. One of their passions is church unity. Pastor Tim is active in our community and is working hard to cultivate  relationships with other churches in our city.  Pastor Tim and Dawn are very rooted in servant leadership. Three things drive them: Jesus Revealed, Jesus great name Restored, Jesus Reflected  


Worship Leader

Our Worship/Youth Leaders, Jared Quintrell and his wife Allysa Quintrell have been in ministry for over 6 years. Jared leads worship at Lighthouse weekly and his passion is leading others to the feet of the Father through music and praise/worship. Jared and Allysa head up the youth ministry at Lighthouse as well. They love helping and loving on the teenagers in the youth group ages 12-17 and seeing them go deeper in relation with God. This is a great place for your students to grow a deeper understanding of who God is in a practical format for every day life involving school, work and even family.