Visiting A New Church Can Be Tough

What should I wear? What about my kids?

At LHC we want you to feel right at home.

 Maybe you're visiting for the first time?

We are honored you found us and below is some information about Lighthouse Church.

 What Type Of Church Is Lighthouse?

We are a non-denominational Spirit filled Church located in the heart of Blue Springs, Missouri. We love God and we believe that His Son, Jesus Christ, is Lord and Savior. We also believe in the Holy Spirit and in His tangible presence.


At Lighthouse Church you can expect a unique Worship Experience to kick off the service right at 10:30AM. Accompanied by singers, pianos, guitars, drums, bass and even horns. Lighthouse worship is lively and focused solely on experiencing the presence of God.
You also will be free to enjoy a time of tithe/offerings which we include in our worship.

We then watch video announcements and jump right into to Pastor Tim message. We are currently in the middle of a Series we call "Devotions" and hope to see you soon.


You can check your kids in to Connect Kids every service. 

Connect Kids starts out the service by entering into a time of worship and then prayer allowing the kids to receive healing and experience the presence of God. Afterwards they spend time in the Word and enjoy a fun interactive lesson appropriate for their age groups. Lastly, it's possible that the kids will walk out with snacks, prizes and some new understanding of God.  


We are located at 1600 Smith St, Blue Springs, MO 64015.

For any questions please call us at 816-229-9933 or email us at